5/23 (Sun) "Strawberry Birthday Party 2021" Notice about product sales

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2021/05/20 18:00


Strawberry Birthday Party 2021 Original Goods Sale Notice

5/23 (Sun) Pre-sale 10: 50-11: 50

* Customers who have a performance ticket can purchase the product sales. * Please cooperate as we will check the performance ticket at the time of payment. * We will measure the temperature in advance when purchasing the product sales. I will. If a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher is confirmed, we will refuse to enter the store. * Those who continue to cough or sneeze even if the temperature is below 37.5 degrees, or those who are clearly ill, will not be allowed to enter the store. * Please be sure to wear a mask. Cover from nose to chin and wear properly so that there are no gaps.

Product line-up

■ Long T-shirt (Size: M / L / XL) ¥ 4,500

■ Clear case ¥ 1,500

■ Acrylic key chain (illustration / visual) ¥ 1,000 each

■ Random bromide 4-piece set ¥ 1,000

■ Random check ¥ 1,000 * 1 Up to 2 accounts


■ Strawberry Special Set 2021 ¥ 9,000

set content

T-shirt / clear case / acrylic key chain / random bromide set of 4

[Bonus: 1 photo ticket]

* Please select your desired size for the T-shirt.

* Random check is not included


Noichigo Birthday Party Original Goods ¥ 3,000 One 2-shot photo ticket will be given for each purchase

* Random check is not eligible for award tickets

* Distribution will end as soon as the award ticket runs out.

* Rui Osaki and Arisa Mihama's award tickets are not included.